2008 San Diego Chargers – Making The Playoffs

Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 10:57 —by Chargers Blogger
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Watching the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos on Sunday night on TV didn’t really feel like watching a football game.  It was more like watching a video of a great party that was paid for by a host who had found a wallet on the street containing no ID and thousands of dollars in cash.  It was exhilarating, but it seemed like a last minute mega celebration of a very real good fortune that wasn’t completely earned.  It was like we got away with something.  It was like we were a successful Raider team.

The Bolts won their final game of the season, but more importantly, the universe somehow decided that they should have the fourth best position in the AFC playoffs.  And, to make things even more perfect, this became reality all while making out of line trash talker, Broncos QB, Jay Cutler, pout like Darlene on Roseanne when she couldn’t get the family car on a Friday night because Becky had a hot date. 

It is very possible that the 2008 Chargers might go down as the worst division winning team in NFL history.  However, most of us are Padre fans as well and we can all admit, while not being completely ideal, this reality sounds like something only a fool would wish for:  go 8-8, host a playoff game, make Jay Cutler try really hard to hold back tears, somehow force the team who eliminated us last year, the New England Patriots, watch our home playoff game on TV because they missed the playoffs even with a better record, and have Al Davis spontaneously burst into flames (the season is not over).

This is all fun, but I can’t stop thinking about what this renewed sense of hope really means.  A team I love has a chance of winning a championship, and if this happens, I will be filled with an emotion that I have never felt before.  I know I want to feel this emotion badly, but I don’t think I will really fully understand why until it happens. 

I don’t remember when I started loving the Chargers; I just always have.  Compounded with the perpetually disappointing Padres, I have only truly loved teams that have never reached the top.  People that I know who have experienced the ultimate prize of a Championship always seem to have a different set of sports problems after their team wins.  Instead of wondering when they will finally get there, they wonder when they will get back.  They can’t connect with people based on a shared unknown; they now have to share a specific time in the past when things were perfect (unless their team is the current champ).  These people know what I am feeling, but they can’t make me feel what they have felt.  It is like being one of the guys in the group who has only pecked a girl on the cheek, when other guys in the group have already French kissed. 

At the end of the game on Sunday, Jay Cutler was still a Quarterback who had never made the playoffs.  He mistakenly talked ridiculous trash about San Diego’s Phillip Rivers, a Quarterback who has a resume that is completely out of Cutler’s league, and was forced to walk off the field still not knowing what it feels like to be him.  On the surface, one would probably think that he is the QB so he has control.  But I don’t know if that is completely true.  Cutler is the most talented player on the Broncos, but the rest of his team, for the most part, is not of playoff caliber.  He looked powerless all night on and off the field, and his facial expressions were eerily similar to those I have made alone looking in the mirror while washing my hands in my bathroom during commercial breaks through most of this season.  Phillip Rivers might be a winner, but Jay Cutler understands us more.

I hope the Chargers win the Superbowl this year because that is obviously the whole point, but more importantly, I hope they win so I won’t be able to relate to that pompous powerless jerk ever again.

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  1. Alex Lucas said on Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 22:02

    what is the chargers record with throwback jerseys?

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