San Diego Chargers 2008 – Going Into The Bye

Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 10:46 —by Chargers Blogger
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“Their quarterback had a great day and we made some mistakes that really hurt us,” safety Clinton Hart said. “It’s tough to swallow. We think we’re a better team than this but we’re not playing like it.”

 In all walks of life, record is everything.  Barack Obama gave a great speech at the DNC in 2004, wrote a best-selling book, won a Senate seat and then beat Hillary.  This makes Obama 4-0.  John McCain is a war hero, a Senator that matters, a failure to win the Republican Nomination in 2000 (to George W. Bush, a guy who, judging by the current polls, McCain has mistakenly aligned himself with) and a winner of the same Nomination in 2008.  Essentially, this makes John McCain 3-1.  Is this a completely fair evaluation?  Probably not, but it looks like Obama will win on Tuesday because his record is considered relatively perfect in comparison to his opponent.

Even if the Chargers are better than their record illustrates, it is unchangeable and completely relevant to where they are, and where they are going.  Former Charger Drew Brees, who completed 30-of-41 passes for 339 yards and three touchdowns, didn’t play like he thought the Chargers’ record was insignificant.  He torched his former team like the ex-girlfriend who changes her hair, gets a complete hot new look, starts dating young millionaires that own planes, and then runs around the world making out with them in exotic places, followed by posting pictures of it on her Facebook page.  He connected on his first six throws and basically said to the Chargers’ and their fanbase, Yeah, I have moved on and I am never looking back. 

The Bolts didn’t have to go to London to figure themselves out.  The rest of the league knows who the Chargers are and their record is not a misrepresentation of what has transpired up until now.  Sure, they can fire their ineffective defensive co-coordinator, Ted Cotrell, to mix things up, but that won’t make Shawn Merriman’s knee better.

San Diego goes into their bye week, beaten, confused, and unsure about the future.  Politics and Sports are different animals, but still, I would rather be going into to next week with a better record.

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