San Diego Chargers 2008 – Bad Loss Before UK Trip

Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 12:58 —by Chargers Blogger
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The beginning of the Charger game at Buffalo was frustrating for fans in San Diego, but it shortly proved to be in the form of a gift from the people operating the Bills’ stadium.  The CBS network feed experienced technical difficulties that stopped the viewers at home from witnessing most of the first quarter.  This meant that the early of stages of the Chargers’ on-field technical difficulties were hidden. 


While watching the network’s solution of showing us the Steelers/Bengals game, I found myself not being able to stop from looking at the little ticker at the bottom of the screen and noticing that the Chargers were already blowing the game.  Sure, it is always hard to play in Buffalo because (A) it is usually insanely cold (B) the flight for teams coming from the west coast is horrendous for athletes and (C) in recent years most teams perceive the Bills to be horrible when really they are just a little bit less than okay, but always more dangerous than what people think.  A combination of A, B, and C happened on Sunday and unfortunately it apparently made LaDainian Tomlinson sad during his post-game press conference.  The Chargers lost 23-14 and then they had to get on a plane and jet off to the UK.


The hardest thing to deal with this season is obvious.  The Chargers were supposed to stomp every team on their schedule up to this point, but it hasn’t happened.  At the beginning of the season Charger fans, along with the national media thought, If they don’t win this year, they probably never will with this group of players.  This was, by all accounts, a fair assessment in August, but after a few key injuries, incompetent officials with freakishly huge biceps, and Chad Pennington’s horrible 1987 haircut, the Chargers are playing like they did in 2003 when they didn’t who they were, but still could make the argument that they were bogged down by the horrible contract given to the worst draft pick in NFL history Ryan Leaf: They are perhaps good, but perhaps not.


There are a lot of interesting factors that will go into the upcoming game in London against the New Orleans Saints.  The NFL is trying to make the game a big deal on the world stage because it wants to promote itself globally.  This could cause many unneeded distractions for both teams.  There will be a lot rich, confident young American boys running around England’s most important city and there will be a lot of Estelles looking for them to take them on trip to see LA, etc.  Also, the Saints’ Quarterback, Drew Brees usually plays well against the Chargers because the Chargers disrespected his talent, wrote him off, and traded him to make room for 1st round pick Phillip Rivers in 2006.  Brees is a class act and has said all the right things, but he is a great competitor and likes to show the Bolts that they screwed up.  However, he will have one less weapon because San Diego native, golden boy/Kim Kardashian beau, Reggie Bush, will not play due to a knee injury, so the Chargers could definitely come back to the states with a much needed victory.


Here are a few British pubs in San Diego where you can watch the game over some pints and a few bangers:


Shakespeare’s Pub

This pub is definitely an authentic British joint with an authentic wood décor and a menu that makes a good argument that the English have a few good culinary ideas up there sleeve.  I recommend the Shepard’s Pie or the Fish and Chips.

The Princess Pub and Grille

This Little Italy Pub is great for big groups who want to watch sports and eat bangers on buns.  They have TVs all over the space and their staff is second to none.  Sure, it usually is geared to Soccer fans, but they do watch NFL games there and they most certainly will be tuning in on Sunday.


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  1. Isaac David said on Sunday, October 26, 2008, 12:46

    Watching The San Diego Chargers play the New Orleans Saints in London England as a San Diegan who has not only vacationed in the UK but lived in London for various stretches of time I am excited to see this exchange of culture in action.

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