2008 San Diego Chargers – Sunday Night Boston Massacre

Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 19:39 —by Chargers Blogger
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Recently it has been all too common for NFL pundits to use the cliché the NFL is a league of parody as a criticism. Sure, the league is unpredictable because the majority of the teams are exceptionally close in talent, but it should never be knocked for it. This is like saying that rock ‘n roll is dead because the top four bands all released equally five star albums last year. Actually, rock ‘n roll is dead because Monday Night Football is just about the only show on TV that consistently shows music videos. I’m ready for whatever you want to give Hank Williams 2…I’m ready!

Despite whatever side you take on the great NFL parody debate (nobody calls it that), sometimes the NFL gives us a game that is so lopsided that it is almost impossible to watch for people that have no rooting interest. Luckily, for Chargers fans, the game against New England was unbelievably lopsided and they had every reason to be interested because it was in their favor.

On Sunday night, on national television, the San Diego Chargers stomped the New England Patriots in a game that felt like the Bolts might as well have been playing the SDSU Aztecs. Ladainian Tomlinson looked closer to 25 years old than 30 (even though it didn’t matter), Philip Rivers found a new best friend in talented wide receiver Vincent Jackson, and San Diego fans were treated to a delightful display of how bad the Patriots are without Tom Brady.

With every under thrown pass from New England QB Matt Cassel to Randy Moss the night got more and more perfect. If there was any parody on the field it was the Chargers doing an imitation of the Patriots last season when Tom Brady’s teeth, hair, Brazilian supermodel girlfriend, and oh yeah, football team were all well on their way to becoming the closest thing to the divine that the NFL had ever seen and in turn beating the Chargers in the playoffs.

The Chargers gave their fans the chance to watch the destruction of something that destroyed them before. It was a victory so great that they could take a break from the game to talk about great things in their lives, hope for the future, and the limitless heights of what the human spirit was capable of achieving, all while giving eachother high fives. Nothing could go wrong and it never did.

Week 7

The 2008 season might have peaked last week at Qualcomm Stadium because the road ahead is rough. Next week the Chargers will travel to play the Buffalo Bills, an up and coming team with a rowdy home crowd. Then they have to fly to London to play the Saints, in what should be a shootout after a horrendous travel schedule.

Here are some good San Diego bars to grab wings when your team is playing against Buffalo:

The Bullpen in Clairemont

This place has really messy, spicy, and cheap wings. They offer huge lazy boy chairs and big flat screen TVs on all the walls and cheap drink specials during big games. Also, this is a good place to go if you want to watch a big UFC match. Get there early especially if you want to get on of the big seats.

Downtown Johnny Brown’s

This bar is the perfect sports bar for people living downtown near the Civic Center. It has everything a good a sports bar should have to help a fan ease the pain if their team is losing: wings, cold beer, and shuffleboard.

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  1. Roger Goodell said on Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 13:31

    can we get an editor on this please….”parody?”

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