2008 San Diego Chargers – Week 4: Oaktown Goes Down

Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 12:40 —by Chargers Blogger
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Black Holes in space are generally for extremely smart people to understand. If you ever find yourself watching the Discovery Channel late at night, you will know what I mean. However, “The Black Hole” in Oakland, California is the complete opposite. This Black Hole is for morons. Every year at the Oakland Raider home game against the Chargers, a battle between good and evil takes place. This causes “The Black Hole” made up of Raiders’ fans to form at Oakland Coliseum. After stealing candy from children and guzzling dangerous amounts of Jack Daniels in the parking lot, Raiders fans dressed like demons from the darkest corners of hell, and also Darth Vader, congregate with the sole purpose of being “bad”.

This year, the Black Hole was forced to witness the classic story of good guys getting beat down early, only to regroup and triumph in the end. It was made pretty clear in the first half that the Chargers are still not where they want to be. They displayed horrible blocking; major fundamental defensive deficiencies, and overall, they let an inferior opponent slap them around. This fed the beast that is The Black Hole. The maniacs that enjoy wearing spikes and black costumes in the blistering sun had the right to be whom they had dressed up to be, and it was terrifying. The first hour of the game was like watching Luke Skywalker getting his hand chopped off by his half robot evil father and it was exactly what Raider fans were hoping for prior to the game when they were bumping each other’s chests and getting hella hyphy in the parking lot.

The second half was like the third act of a Die Hard movie. The good guys regrouped and came back against an evil that recently has resembled more of a train wreck than, well, a successful pirate syndicate. Phillip Rivers lead the charge, LT looked like he was getting his legs (or his toe) back, and the defense remembered that Raiders’ QB, DeMarcus Russell, is an overrated, over paid NFL bust waiting to happen. The Bolts left Oakland with an even record and a sense that they could get it done no matter what the circumstances dictate.

I can only imagine what it must feel like to be a member of The Black Hole after a Raiders now-all too common-disappointing loss. You have to walk back slowly to your car in the parking lot, take off your spikes, wipe the black makeup off your face, and drive home holding back the black tears of despair all while knowing that you will do the same pointless activity next weekend. In outer space, Black holes are objects so dense that not even light can escape their gravity, and since nothing can travel faster than light, nothing can escape from inside a black hole. I guess the black holes we find on Earth aren’t that different.

Week 5: Miami

The Dolphins were the worst team in the league last year, but in 2008 they have shown vast improvement. They have just come off a huge win against the mighty New England Patriots, so they will not be afraid of hosting an inconsistent San Diego team that is still trying to figure itself out.

The game will start at 10:00am on the west coast on Sunday, which means there will plenty of places to go for brunch during the game.

P.B. Bar and Grill

This bar is a huge space with plenty of big events going on all the time. Check it out on Sunday for a rowdy atmosphere and delicious brunch that has been a staple for Pacific Beach residents for years. Also, stick around for the featured live Reggae after the game. It might be a mellow way to deal what ever the outcome of the game happens to be.

The Fleetwood

This place is the perfect place if want morning cocktails while catching game a 10am game. They are offering 3$ Mimosas and 5$ Bloody Marys all season long. It is a place that understands the sophisticated sports fan while also accommodating people who just want to hang out and recover from the night before.

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