2008 San Diego Chargers – First Win of the Season

Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 13:29 —by Chargers Blogger
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When your team plays on national television against an icon like Brett Farve, you have to understand what your team is up against. Brett Farve is looked at as a good old southern boy from Mississipi, who played most of his career in Wisconsin with a blue-collar work ethic and a risk taking style usually associated with gunslingers from the romanticized history of the Old West. In the minds of football fans across the country, Farve represents an America that we might never get back.

Now Brett Farve has taken his All American story to the Big Apple. Because after retiring and then realizing it’s more fun to be Brett Farve NFL Quarterback, than Brett Farve Wrangler Wearing Retired Guy, he is now stuck on a team that isn’t athletic enough to hang with San Diego.

Last year’s league interception leader, Antonio Cromartie, had a big game against the Jets during Monday Night Football on 9/22/08. After getting royally schooled last week by Broncos’ receiver/alleged hitter of females, Brandon Marshall, Cromartie came back with two key interceptions and one touchdown to help the All Pro effort put forth by Phillip Rivers.

The Chargers passed well, made exciting defensive plays, Ladainian Tomlinson looked a lot more like, well, Ladainian Tomlinson, and the refs decided to conduct themselves in fair manner.

Despite the obvious importance of just getting a win, the game was fun to watch. Sure, the Jets did score enough points to concern Charger fans about the defense, but it did feel like a shootout and it never got boring. The Chargers came out on top and Brett Farve got to be the gunslinger that everyone else in the country apparently needs to see. America wins!

The win when against the Jets was also important because of the next game on the schedule. On Sunday 9/28 afternoon, the Chargers will play the Raiders in Oakland. If Chargers had gone up there with a 0-3 record, Raider Nation could at least have something over us, as they now also have one win. The Raiders are mess, their teenage looking coach is about to get fired, and they have no real hope for the future.

This week in San Diego, Raider fans that we allow to live here will, without a doubt, try to talk junk with the intention of getting us into a fight. Just remember that we are better than them, because of our team and as human beings. They are in pain, and they deserve it, because they are bad, they know they are bad, and they like it.

Stay classy San Diego; it is the best way to go about getting back to an even record.

game photos from chargers.com

Places to go for the Raiders/Chargers game on Sunday 9/28/08

Firehouse American Eatery and Lounge

This is will be a mellow place to watch the game for Chargers and Raiders fans who want to actually focus on the game. It is located right near the beach and has everything a true sports fan wants: big screens, big delicious menu items, and friendly service.

The Yardhouse

Besides the obvious puns that can be made during a football game at The Yardhouse, it is in fact a great sports bar. They seem to have every beer ever created on tap and they offer a large eclectic menu that one might not expect to see at a sports bar. Check it out on Sunday if you are down in the Gaslamp. It is always a good time.

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  1. Michael said on Saturday, September 27, 2008, 21:49

    good article, ill probably catch the game at The Yardhouse.

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