2008 San Diego Chargers – Game 2 Stolen by Broncos

Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 17:19 —by Chargers Blogger
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The NFL is the biggest and most profitable sports league in the world because it is the most fair.

The hard salary cap gives everyone a chance to win and the officiating on the field is widely considered to be the sharpest in major team athletics because the referees are at the top of their game, and the NFL has always been a pioneer in video replay technology designed to correct human error. Right now the NFL is the Beatles in 1966. This means we are all getting a chance to experience that rare moment in pop culture where the biggest thing is also the best thing.

However, the NFL isn’t always perfect and San Diego Charger fans found this out on Sunday. The Chargers did not lose their away game against the Denver Broncos in week two; it was stolen from them. In the second quarter, after a questionable replay worthy San Diego “fumble”, the play was unable to be reviewed because Denver’s video system was apparently not working.

When this happens, the NFL ridiculously rewards incompetence and simply just keeps going forward with the game. Everyone at home watching saw that the play was not a fumble, but the refs were not allowed to see it again. For San Diego fans, this was like watching the Beatles on a night where George Harrison screwed his solo on While My Guitar Gently Weeps. The Broncos got the ball and scored almost immediately sending the Bolts into downward spiral.

The rest of the game went back and forth, but it all came down to a few more questionable calls made by the officials in the Broncos’ favor at the end of the game. After one horrible call an officially walked up to Charger head coach, Norv Turner, an apologized for the unfair results. The Chargers are now 0-2 because the refs conducted them selves like a bunch of guys who didn’t think they would get out of Denver alive if they pissed off the crowd. It was the least NFL game in the NFL I have ever seen. I guess we just have to Let It Be.

The Chargers season is far from over, and even though the start has been less that what we were all hoping for, they should still win next week against the Jets at home on Monday Night football. Did you know Brett Farve is a gunslinger? Did you know he is a regular dude just like you? Well the announcers will probably make that clear, as whenever he plays a game, or does anything at all, everyone in broadcasting especially, doesn’t seem to know how to stop talking about his down to earth persona. The Chargers should win, but they should also be 2-0.

Here are some things to do next Monday if you don’t have tickets for the game.

East Village Tavern and Bowl
This place is always a good time on any night, but Mondays they always offer half off on appetizers and bowling, plenty of drink specials, and team merchandise giveaways during the Monday Night Game. Because this next game will be involving the Chargers and Jets, this place will be going off more than usual.

The Tilted Kilt
This is another great place to watch football downtown. With plenty of screens, and a charming Scottish themed décor, the atmosphere gives you the small pub feel in relatively larger space. Try the Tailgating Rib Tips if you want a serious meal before the Jets and Chargers get it going on Monday.

All Chargers vs. Broncos game photos from Chargers.com.

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6 Responses to “2008 San Diego Chargers – Game 2 Stolen by Broncos”

  1. Jumbo said on Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 18:22

    That would make Baseball NSYNC in ’99.
    Go Bolts.

  2. gob bluth said on Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 22:13

    blame the refs. classy as always, san diego.

  3. Lizard said on Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 9:50

    The refs may have blown those calls, but they didn’t give up 31 points to a team with a diabetic quarterback. Just sayin’

    Also, I think Eric Clapton played the solo on My Guitar Gently Weeps. Right before he stole George’s wife. That’s probably relevant to the Chargers being 0-2, but I’m not sure how.

  4. RAIDERS BABY! said on Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 15:18

    No sympathy from a Raiders fan. We have had our fair share of blown calls, and rules that exist that aren’t called ever, then called in the Playoffs. Being a Die Hard Raiders fan I could go on and on…Our list is long and distinguished probably the longest in the league (If you don’t know look up the history of the NFL and find another team that has more controversial calls and let me know, because I beg to differ!).
    Championship teams are built on overcoming calls like that…believe me I know
    The only problem is YOU HAVE NORV….HAHA

  5. Scott_gp said on Friday, September 19, 2008, 10:29

    While Charger fans have a long-standing tendency to blame everything but the team, there’s no doubt they had the screws put to them on Sunday. That said, they need to drop the persecution complex and move on – a certain Charger forum has been particularly embarrassing this week. Asking for draft compensation or playoff-tiebreakers only perpetuates the image of the Uninformed San Diego Sports Fan. Given their recent history of being slow-starters and strong finishers, I’d be more concerned about LT’s health and their porous defense.

    In terms of sympathy, there’s only so much. I don’t remember any guilt-ridden Charger fans asking to give back the Titans game last season. When it comes to bad calls, everybody takes their lumps sometime….and I’m sure Raiders Baby!’s kids have the bruises to prove it.

  6. (*(*(*(*(*((*(*(*(*(*(bam(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(* said on Friday, February 13, 2009, 22:50

    man bronco out played us big time ya that call at the end was messed up but if our qb rivers wasn’t so smartassy we would’ve won i hate rivers get cutler in there or some thing

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