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Monday, October 8, 2007, 11:17 —by JeSais
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3 Responses to “KPBS Call for Bloggers”

  1. murphy jones said on Monday, November 12, 2007, 4:49

    i work full time in the evening in healthcare for a large local place that begins with S—. I have been at home due to a minor surgery, which has allowed me some leisure time to really soak up some news and gag/entertainment.
    what i find is that the american(without the A-because we don’t deserve it) public has been actively involved in allowing the internationally viewed and mourned rape and destruction of all that was America and all that has been held dear by true and honest Americans for 230 years.
    Why has Gerorge W Bush not been arrested for the rape, pillage,destruction and corruption of the American Constitution? Do you all think this is a joke? This is reality TV at it’s most real and it’s saddest for all of us that live here and hold the shining light of the Statue of Liberty as sacred.
    Have any of you watched as our president committed the same crimes with which he accused Saddam Hussein ? Have you heard about the US invasion of other countries in the name of WE ARE RIGHT AND YOU ARE NOT US!!!Did you know that we have been very, very wrong? Did you know that our president lied to get what he wanted? Did anyone notice that he stole the presidential election from the rightful winner?
    Has anyone noticed that he has wiped his rearend on the very fabric that is our flag and _is who we were? My heart bleeds for those of us that have loved ones tricked into this vile and twisted idea of defending our country. How is this so? Isn’t it just a sad, bloody way to get more money into the coffers of a very few-those oil wealthy families of the Middle East that have cosied up to the very oil wealthy families of Texas. All he has to do is tug on that old scarey boogie man of ” mean ol’ Muslim “and we cave don’t we? We forget what fools he has made of us. Because he is our elected leader-What fools we are!
    Brotherman, the only one letting the Muslims in is the Bush family–WAKE UP. Look at the crimes this man has commited against you, an American! And then start ticking off the ones he has comitted against the rest of the world and your children.
    I understand what a hold he has on us though. To declare him a fake, a crook, a murderer, and a liar would be to say that we have given up our sons and daughters, our husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters for absolutely the folly of a fool. That we gave them away for nothing.
    Have we no loyalty to the people that are fighting in our name? Have we no loyalty to the name The United States of America and all that name represents to he rest of the world? Have we been blinded by his distortion of our government?
    The founding fathers formed it to operate in the manner in which it has sucessfully for over 200 years. It was formed to combat the likes of a desparate despot, maniacal ,messianic alcoholic loser like this man. Was he successful at any venture prior to 9/11? Has he succeeded at anything since?

  2. marijuana said on Monday, December 17, 2007, 14:58

    KPBS should broadcast information about marijuana and legalization.

  3. Mercury Starcruiser said on Saturday, March 29, 2008, 23:31

    I would like to enlighten you with something you might find interesting. It has to do with the use of the tern ‘illegal immigrant’. I can remember a time when this term was not used. People use to say ‘illegal alien’. As far as I can tell, it is not used anymore. ‘Illegal immigrant’ is now the only thing you here; from the local and national news, to the Democratic Debates. The liberal media has slowly wiped it out to down play it’s hard edged effect on peoples outlook about illegals in the United States. There is power, as a whole, in the words that we use. And simple changing the word ‘alien’ to ‘immigrant’ has made the average American perceive this illegal act as something that doesn’t seem so wrong. And American’s are buying it, dismissing the law and our soveranty. The funny thing is, this term did not even exist. It is not in any Dictionary, and is very hard to look up on the internet. You might find it on a sight that deals with word usage, but most word banks will refer you strait to the term ‘illegal alien’ and its definition. ‘Legal alien’, in contrast, also does not exist. Now the term ‘illegal immigrant’, in my opinion, is kind of an oxymoron unto itself. An ‘illegal alien’ is a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization. That means the act of being an alien in the United States is an illegal act, under the law. Now an ‘immigrant’ is a person who migrates to another country, usually for ‘permanent residence’. This definition is more vague, though we all understand the process which one goes through to become a ‘permanent resident’. That is to legally apply and then be accepted to enter. That means the act of being an immigrant in the United States is a legal act, under the law. Illegally crossing the border or purposefully overstaying your visa does not in anyway, shape, or form make one an ‘immigrant’. Being naturalized by the federal government does. Therefore, there is no such thing as an ‘illegal immigrant’. I think I made my point, but I just want to add that evil is out there using every little thing that they can make up to divide this country. And people need to know and understand that we have to enforce the law and uphold the constitution. Something even our president has not done very well, at least when it comes to our situation with ‘illegal aliens’.

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