San Diego Real Estate on Wheels: RV Community in Question

Friday, May 11, 2007, 10:16 —by News Gal

Most people in San Diego agree on two local truths: San Diego is one of the greatest cities to live in the world, and San Diego sky-rocket real estate prices make living in San Diego a difficult privilege to maintain. These two truths intertwine to keep locals ever-searching for more and more money to keep up to date with the rent and mortgage.

But, what if we loyal locals could continue to live in San Diego … but never pay rent or mortgage?

Although not the most glamorous alternative lifestyle—the San Diego RV community has the right idea. If you own an RV, all you must do to live in San Diego is simply seek out a good parking spot and ride out the year, rent free. I don’t know if I could handle the lack of stability a home on wheels assumes, but it is an interesting proposition.

The San Diego RV community isn’t usually the most buzzed-about community in San Diego, but RV owners did make a scene this week in San Diego news and media. Many residents and businesses in the Shelter Island area voiced complaints of RVs continually hogging Shelter Island parking, leaving no spaces for locals and tourists to visit the area.

Specific problems arose in the Shelter Island Shoreline Park. Rumors float past parking violation tickets and new parking signs that forbid over-night parking in the newly expanded designated area. These actions taken by the Unified Port of San Diego are in attempt to reduce park loitering and free parking spaces for the popular seaside park.

Although Shelter Island is the current problem, many other San Diego neighborhoods and community spaces face the RV community problem on a daily basis.

Do you think people in San Diego who choose to reside in RVs to avoid paying rent or mortgages, should be free to park anywhere in San Diego? Or should RV parking be regulated to designated RV parks where fees are required and loitering is controlled? What about the real estate value of the land beneath the wheels?

I wonder about the RV community’s impact on the San Diego environment. Any thoughts?

The San Diego RV community: squatters, freeloaders, or geniuses? Hmm.

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20 Responses to “San Diego Real Estate on Wheels: RV Community in Question”

  1. ikes said on Friday, May 11, 2007, 11:07

    oh no, i love the RV and campers parking on my street, leaving bags of garbage and pissing in the gutter.

  2. fubar said on Friday, May 11, 2007, 14:15

    I’m sick of the RV’ers that are camped outside my house. If they were in better condition and the owners more considerate, perhaps I’d be okay with it. However, I’d say roughly 90% of them stay for a week, empty their garbage on the street, leave for a short stint, then return and repeat.

    I bought the house in the neighborhood I did partly because it’s a relatively nice neighborhood (and pay the HOA fees and live with the restrictions to keep it that way), but the RV’ers that park just outside our entrance make it look like a junkyard. Most of them don’t even look to be in suitable enough condition to drive — indeed, several frequently have flat tires, broken headlamps, and windshields that are duct-taped together. I don’t know if it’s because there are more vehicles to rob (that probably contain more loot for the burlger), or if it’s the types of RV’ers that are there, but the number of cars that have been broken into has significantly increased since they started parking on that street.

    It’s kind of a “not in my backyard” sort of reaction, but I’d like to sell my house, and this makes for a difficult first impression to overcome. There are designated places for RVs, with water, electricity, and septic hook-ups — but outside my house has none of the above. A few days every once in a while? Sure. Every day, the street lined end-to-end on both sides with decaying caravans? No.

    Ah, that felt good to get that out. :)

  3. Michael Allen Smith said on Friday, May 11, 2007, 20:02

    This city surrendered to the homeless in February making it OK to sleep on public property from 9 PM to 6 AM. Why should RV owners have less rights than the homeless?

  4. Cyndy said on Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 15:21

    well I used to live here. I am a full-time RVer and I am not a mooch, thief, or dumper. We used to stop overnite in Wal Marts, staying one nite only, now that is outlawed. IF we can find a spot in San Diego, it is usually so outageously expensive …we just can’t do it. I pay my state and federal taxes…I just don’t pay taxes here. County parks are usually full but we try to plan ahead for them. Silver Strand closes the gate at 8, so arrive late and your done, or get back late from dinner….TOO BAD, sleep in the truck. ‘allows no generators after 8 but allows partiers to drink and have a blast outside your window. I have a pretty stable income but your private parks are just too much…the “homeless” RV owners should but rousted out daily, somehow, by the local police. If the owners don’t respond..TOW THE RIGS AWAY. In towns that do not not allow overnite parking at Wal Mart’s discretion…..we just move on without spending a dime in that community. A tired Rver on the road is an ugly thing.

  5. Shane said on Saturday, May 26, 2007, 17:39

    I am 2nd generation San Diegan. San Diego was amazing when I was a kid. Its so crowded and pretty much party City now. PB was so different, 2 bowling alleys, Licorice Pizza record store, Newberries, JC Penny and very few bars or tattoo place to be found. People were nice, we had houses not apartments or condos to squeeze as many people in as possible, hardly any traffic. You know when the Chargers have a very important game and the streets are almost empty… that was San Diego everyday. I miss the City we used to be.

  6. Glen Young said on Monday, May 28, 2007, 19:23

    i hate to say it…and i know it’s completely selfish…but right now i support anything that will bring the property value down in san diego. i grew up in san diego, love san diego, and when i’m down with the military, i want to come back to san diego. but how? with shacks running upwards of 500k??? it’s ridiculous. there’s no way i would consider living in an rv, and if i owned a home in sd, i would be pissed if rv owners parked near my home and left trash and what-not. but for completely selfish reasons, i like the idea of the rv owners becoming a big enough problem where property value drops dramatically, and then right after i buy my house there, they all leave again.

    sounds reasonable.

  7. mke azar said on Wednesday, July 18, 2007, 0:32

    If a person has to pay tax and license to the dmv and insurance just like a car than they should have the right to the city streets like any other vehicle.

    the use and parking of and on city streets are payed for by our taxes that we pay to the dmv.

    tax with out representation is wrong.

    If parking is removed and not replaced with something else than this only makes the situation worse not better.

    leaving bags of garbage and pissing in the gutters is a separate crime and problem.

    Blocking your view of the scenery again a separate issue.
    Homeless and dirty people living in the streets is also another issue. maybe health and welfare? not sure.

    I suppose the USA no-longer stands for land of the free and our right to pursue happiness is F_ _ _ _ED
    unless you have money.

  8. CMV said on Friday, August 3, 2007, 13:27

    We live in a very nice RV in San Diego. We pay almost $800 a month to park in a space not much larger than our RV.

    Even at those rates – you still have RVers that don’t wash their RVs and think the swimming pool is a community bath (even though showers are provided free).

    Living in an RV is NOT a cheap way to live. Yearly maintenance expenses alone can average about 8% of the purchase price.

    But then again, if the type of person that dumps trash on the street – is the type of person that doesn’t fix the plumbing and would use the the street for a toilet.

    Face it – we’ve all had crappy neighbors – no matter what your living style. So please don’t categorize all RVers with Chevy Chase’s cousin in the Vacation movies.

    Rules should be passed to limit overnight parking to 3 days, collect a small fee for the use of parking lots, and provide ample trash bins.

  9. BOB said on Friday, March 28, 2008, 0:12

    All of you should read this!!!!
    I live in an rv,and I worked my a_ _ off to pay for it.I worked at one of your so called rv parks for 2 years…It is managed and run by cocky so called “rich” people.They act as if they own the world,and they are so much better then you.Even if your rent is always on time[amounts vary if they like you] they will throw you out if you do anything at all.Because they are management they can lie,fraudulantly take your money and get away with it.We are mostly poor honest working stiff’s who can’t afford to buy property.

  10. Lina said on Sunday, April 6, 2008, 12:19

    i do agree on that what is the big deal ? why can i just park my rv in a park or at the beach overnight or for days? somebody outhere needs to to something about this this is insane!!!!!!

  11. Paul sowa said on Thursday, May 8, 2008, 6:50

    California state law says that any vehicial with Paid license and Paid yearly stickers may park in any designated parking space. As long as the RV has paid up state license and tags, there is very little that can be done. Designated RV parking spaces would be nice, and I am sure the RV owner would like that, but who is going to pay to build the spaces? It should come out of the license fee but with the state 20 billion dollars in debt that would be like pulling teeth with no anistetic.
    You are right in your opinion but where should these designated spaces be, and who is going to pay for it ?

  12. cyndy said on Thursday, May 8, 2008, 7:09

    once again full time RVrs are lumped together. San Diego has the most expensive RV parks in the country after Key West. As a fulltimer living in an RV that costs more than my last house (in 1990) I am living very comfortably with all the amenities. Unfortunately the price of fuel has tripled since we hit the road and the only place to economize is on RV spaces. A safe place to get off the road is what we need and we leave no trace behind. If we cannot stop at Wal Mart for the night we leave that community without spending a dime….at wal mart or anywhere else. Paying 25 to 60 dollars for 8 to 10 houirs is nuts! And we do not lack for “stability”

  13. michael azar said on Sunday, May 11, 2008, 20:43

    The the problem is RVs used to be able to stay for three days on any street and then they’ll have to move.
    There are under the same laws that any motor vehicle would be.
    When the city said no more RVs. this caused the real problem.
    Most people do not have a garage big enough to store there motor home.
    whether it is people coming to visit San Diego, or just Touring or visiting family members or somebody who lives in San Diego taking their family out to enjoy the public beaches and recreation areas for the weekend , are really getting treated unfairly.
    even those who work here in San Diego and are productive members of society but having job at minimum wage or are low income such as the retired people, are greatly affected by these unfair regulations that limit the time they can spend parked.

    If the the vehicles are to run down or unsightly, that is something that people can do something about. simple vehicle inspection for safety or road worthiness can address that problem. blocking the view from your house to the beach can also be addressed as a separate issue.
    not allowing anyone to park an RV on city streets is ridiculous.
    First of all these people pay taxes just like everybody else to share this road.
    Second of all, public lands and roads are for the public.
    when people take away rights of other people the choices made carry on for generations. what may be good for some people now, maybe bad for their grandchildren or their children or someone else they might care about down the line.
    people should not be so selfish as to only think of themselves now.
    America is supposed to be the land of the free.
    it’s becoming more and more about a police state. or what is good for me, number one, I don’t care about everybody else just myself kind of Place.
    This is not right. people need to look out for each other and understand that by taking somebody else’s right away you are affecting everybody including yourself.
    unfortunately people will abuse their rights and the Law , it’s human nature.
    The thing to remember is that these people need to be addressed individually case by case.
    By taking everybody’s rights away is unfair to those who are innocent.
    Staying focused on the subject of RV parking, I see the RV parking issue as an infringement of the right to pursue happiness. Buying or renting a camper and seeing the sites of San Diego should not have to cost and arm and a leg. Because this would make it not accessible for lower income American citizens.

    God bless America and the rights to freedom of speech.
    what’s your opinion?

  14. Teresa said on Saturday, May 24, 2008, 8:25

    I am planning to move to Lemon Grove in the Summer of 08. Does anyone know of a decent permanent-living park in that area w/rent not to exceed $500/month?
    Thanks, Teresa

  15. cyndy said on Saturday, May 24, 2008, 9:10

    teresa, i have never been able to find a spot in all of san diego county for 500.00….LET US KNOW IF YOU FIND ONE. we paid $750. plus electric the last time that we paid by the month!

  16. N. Cornell said on Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 7:51

    I thought this was a free country…I’m not in agreement with bothering homeless, they have the right to be everywhere. If we think that this is an issue then perhaps we should provide housing for all, free of cost or based on income, like other more advanced countries do.

    Everyone pays taxes…if you buy something your paying taxes,.. if you work you pay,.. if you buy gas you pay,..everyone has the right to use the roads-overnight too.

  17. cyndy said on Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 8:36

    your characterization of fulltime RVers as freeloaders is getting a little old. Sure there are some homeless people with ugly used up RVs out there that are taking advantage, but the rest of us pay our taxes just like everyone may not be real estate taxes but we pay a lot of other taxes….this is NOT a cheap way to live! I spend as much for this lifestyle and sometimes more than I did living in a stick house…..but I see more of this country than most people. FIgure out a way to police the moochers and leave the rest of us alone while we enjoy the sights.

  18. edward said on Sunday, July 13, 2008, 14:14

    Things are really sad for people who do not make the grade in our society. It is all or nothing and if you can’t take it you get the shaft to jail.

  19. edward said on Sunday, August 10, 2008, 10:46

    there should be places for RVers. Trust me, people would rather live in a house but not all of us are capable of doing so. I suppose if it gets to you that much, you could put us up in condoes. I’ll sign up for that one. I don’t have much left but at least I’m not in jail. It seems like the sink or swim thing is harsh in these rough waters. Is there any place were a person can just live?

  20. catilady said on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 0:36

    ok, I hear both sides and I have seen it in the papers and on the news and been homeless myself …my husband and I have a pretty place out side of Twentynine Palms Ca. We have an RV spot that we rent for $300 per month plus a $150 deposit we are gone in the summer so you would be alone it is private pets are welcomed we would like a single or married (better half) to be correct now a days. Not a great place for kids no others are around…. If you are reading this and know of one of those folks on your street that might be interested or you are in that cramped RV site email me I will give you more details

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