Would you Rather… San Diego Models, Nudity and Fur

Monday, April 16, 2007, 23:09 —by News Gal
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Not the newest of news, but something interesting I came across that transpired recently in a local mall. Anyone catch a cell phone shot?

“Would You Rather…” is a somewhat-meaningless modern interpretation of the traditional “question and answer” game. Rather than providing your own answer to the question, this new game offers up two alternate answers, one of which the contestant must choose. A typical episode is usually hypothetical, and almost-never dramatized. Such as, “would you rather chug two gallons of water in three minutes, or not have a drink of water for three days?”

After reading about two San Diego models performing a fur-feud episode, I realize that, sometimes, there’s nothing fictional or funny about this game. In a press release titled Sexy Fur Foes Team Up With PETA to Bare the Truth About Bloody Burberry a PETA official states that professional models Meggan Anderson and Christina Cho (seen here as a “caged chick”), as seen on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, MAD TV, and Veronica Mars, would “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.“.

San Diego’s own Fashion Valley Shopping Mall, home to hundreds of plaid-fur-hunting housewives, was the chosen locale for a PETA protest, led by the brave and bare models. The San Diego Burberry Location was, exclusively, the target of the model’s mantra. I think it’s great that a seemingly-transparent and hypothetical game, when mixed with two naked models, can produce positive results for animal safety, the environment, and San Diego fashion.

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