Local Legend Lost…

Thursday, November 30, 2006, 14:59 —by JeSais
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  1. Jamie Nay said on Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 10:07

    Jack Macpherson’s family arrived in San Diego in 1912, from Akron, New York (a small hamlet, just this side of Niagra Falls). His grandmother, Mrs. JD Macpherson, Uncle Kelsa, Aunt Marjorie (who also brought her new husband, Dr. John Herlihy) and his father, Jack Macpherson arrived by train, after the unexpected and untimely death of his grandfather, Dr. John D. Macpherson, on Halloween night 1912.

    They settled on the east side of Balboa Park and enjoyed San Diego to the max! They swam at Coronado. His dad went to San Diego High School. Occasionally, a trip would be taken to Pacific Beach and La Jolla (I was told by horse and buggy) and it would take all day. There was nothing but tumbleweeds.

    Jack’s father, Jack, was HANDSOME!!!

    The rest of the Macpherson family moved out also. Some of his father’s cousins included many of San Diego heavy hitters:

    1. Dr. Fraser Macpherson. Jack’s father’s partner.
    2. Irma Macpherson. Fraser’s wife and actress. Influential in the Old Globe. She and Fraser had an actual theater in their Pt. Loma home and Irma would produce plays, that Jack would perform in as a little nipper.
    3. James Macpherson. Fraser’s brother. Owned Macpherson Williams Nursery in Encinitas. Developed the Mac avocado and mango. Has a park in Encinitas named after him.
    4. Mildred Macpherson. James’ wife. Encinitas educator and nursery person. Has a waterfall named after her at Quail Botanical Gardens.
    5. Helen Macpherson Walling. Fraser and James sister. Married to Curtis Walling, engineering professor at SDSU.
    6. Dr. Marjorie Macpherson Potter. Jack’s great aunt. One of the first female physicians.

    whew….that’s just for starters.
    Other family notables include:

    1. Dr. James M. McColl. President of SD Medical Society and delivered Jack as a baby at the old Scripps Hospital in La Jolla.
    2. Dr. William F. McColl. Bill McColl’s father.
    3. Dr. Bob McColl. Geography whiz bang at the University of Kansas.
    4. Dr. Bill McColl. San Diego’s version of Superman. Physican. Football legend.
    5. Johnny McColl. Bill’s brother and financier.
    6. Marilyn McColl McGaffey. Bill and John’s sister and major beauty.
    7. Angus McColl. Johnny McColl’s son. Submarine commander and head of ROTC at USC.
    8. Dr. Doug McColl. Big gun at Alvarado Hospital.
    9. Gloria McColl. Doug McColl’s wife. Mayor of SD. Olympic person. Class act.
    10. Carrie McColl O’Brien. Ms. Coronado.
    11. Dr, Milt McColl. Bill McColl’s son. Football, medicine.

    The list goes on and on. Never has one family produced such a collection of power players.

    Jack used to hang his head and say he let his folks down…he had just become a mailman and surfed. But then he’d cheer up and say, “Well, someone has to perform surgery and someone has to deliver the mail,”.

    When his mom passed away in 2004, she left a lot of information on her family. Jack was a lot like her dad, Bill Montgomery. Bill Montgomery was a test driver for the Maxwell Automobile Company, in Pawtuckett, Rhode Island. There are photos of him wearing the old fashioned dusters.

    Later, he had a gold leaf detailing business … painting fire engines etc., in Buchanan, New York, a village north of NYC, along the Hudson River. Jack was just like his grandfather Montgomery. A car nut.

  2. Jamie Nay said on Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 10:57

    On Jack’s rebellious nature…

    Jack went through the bombing of Pearl Harbor when he was 4. His family settled in La Jolla in 1942, first on Cave Street and then in the 1600 block of Torrey Pines Road. His father remained on hospital ships in the Pacific.

    Periodically, Dr. Macpherson would return home to La Jolla for a brief visit. When the visit was over, out came the Naval uniforms…complete with gold rope, epaulets and other Naval decorations. When young Jackie, saw the uniforms, he knew the visit was over and his dad would be going back to sea. Apparently, he would throw MAJOR temper tantrums upon the sight of a uniform.

    His mother later speculated if Jack’s problems with authority started with those uniforms.

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