Rubik’s Cube Competition This Weekend

Wednesday, May 24, 2006, 10:01 —by Joe Crawford
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Vyuz San Diego: Blockheads square off in Rubik’s Cube competition:

On May 27, the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center will hold an event that if you ARE there, you will be square – or at least cubed.

That’s when they’ll hold the Rubik’s Cube Competition and in case you thought that the multi-colored puzzle block invented in 1974 and made popular in the early ‘80s was all but forgotten, you’d be wrong.

Although Rubik’s Cubes have been mostly relegated to boxes in dusty attics for the better part of two decades, there’s currently a resurgence of people who partake in what is known as “speed cubing,” and many of the people doing it weren’t even alive to witness the fad the first time.


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