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Thursday, May 18, 2006, 8:30 —by Joe Crawford
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Andrew sent us:

If you ever need a San Diego restaurant menu to order from you can view about 600 San Diego menus on Real helpful if you live in the neighborhoods that they cover and if you don’t want to keep a menu drawer.

They have menus for a lot of cities, including of course San Diego. I asked Andrew how his site distinguishes itself from other restaurant and menu websites, and he said this:

I have not found another site that has the most comprehensive database of San Diego restaurant menus. San Diego Reader I believe only has 100 or so restaurant menus and it seems they charge restaurant owners to list their menu. seems to be very high end restaurants in which they focus mainly on the reviews of these restaurants, which i admit are pretty good.

Our focus is simply all restaurnats high end, in the middle, and on the low end and we provide the menu which for many users is a good complement to having a “menu drawer”.

Further our services for both consumers and restaurants are free. Restaurant owners have a complete publishing system to upload everything from their menu to descriptions, to images etc.

So while I agree that the main feature as of now is only menus I don’t see any other site that has such a complete listing for San Diego. Another consideration is Discover San Diego‘s Restaurants in San Diego section.

Thanks for the tip Andrew!

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