Photos of Immigration Rally

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 15:24 —by oso
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Both Nathan Gibbs and Chris Nelson have some fantastic photos and descriptions of Sunday’s immigration rally, which began at Balboa Park and culminated at the County Administration Building downtown.


The march was completely peaceful. The organizers handed out free bottled water. The police presence was very low. Most people wore white to symbolize peace and unity. People shouted “Si se puede,” “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido,” and other chants. I spoke to a journalist who writes for the media in Mexico City, an actor from the film A Day Without A Mexican, local residents, and several undocumented immigrants. I met a husband and wife who held a sign that read, “My wife is not a criminal.” The man served in Iraq and the woman was undocumented. She was brought to the U.S. at an early age and spoke perfect, unaccented English. She said she considers herself an American.


The march headed down 6th to Broadway, then Broadway to Pacific Highway to the County Building, where they had a rally deal set up. It was staggering to see this many people. An hour after we arrived at the County Building, people were still lined up Broadway. Completely peaceful, clean (no litter), and relatively well managed. They could have done a better job with traffic and porta potties, but I think they were overwhelmed by the turnout. Overall, an amazing success for the organizers.

Meanwhile, San Diego blogger Tbogg gives his opinion in the immigration debate. “unk4jazz” also has a photoset of Sunday’s marches.

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6 Responses to “Photos of Immigration Rally”

  1. JeSais said on Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 12:30

    I was down in Balboa Park ’cause we had tix to the Old Globe. Fortunately we knew about the march and allowed time to park far and walk. I was suprised (happily) at the lack of police presence. Not that I thought it was needed, but I gotta tell you when I marched in an anti-war demonstration (that would be Peace) rally downtown at the start of the Iraq War, there were police in riot gear. It was scary. I did notice a few border patrol on Sunday, however… not sure if they regularly hang in Hillcrest, but I’m guessing no.

    Seeing all those people made me so proud to live in a country where it is completely legal to take to the streets and voice your opinion and probably not get jailed or beaten by police.

  2. Troy said on Monday, April 17, 2006, 10:15

    I am very proud to be a citizen of the most wonderful country on Earth. The freedoms that are granted to all of our citizens by the Constitution are there to protect us. Protect us from what? Illegal activity. If any United States citizen thinks that the government is protecting its’ citizens by “forgiving” law breakers’, well, I think they are hurting us(citizens). Ponder this…according to the Contitution of the United States, “any persons’ BORN in the United States or any of its’ territories” is eligible for the protection therein. These illigal immagrants dont want to be legal immagrants, because if they did…there is a process already set forth, which was followed by millions of immigrants throughout our Nations history. Why are the immigration laws that are already in place not enough to curve the immigration problems today? Is it because these immigrants dont have ANY intention of becoming perminant residence? If the constitution said that slaves were 3/5 of a person, what does the constitution say about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? The whole idea of allowing the illegal immigrants to break the law and then be rewarded is absolutly unconstitutional! As far as any American Citizen should be concerned: An illegal immigrant is subject to the same treatment and ultimately the same fate as…illegal contra-band. If these people want to have the benifits afforded to each and every AMERICAN CITIZEN, the by GOD, EARN IT! Our Nations past and current leaders’ are almost 100% responsible for this. How? By not enforcing the laws we already have! And for what purpose have they allowed this to go on…VOTES!! Our Nations leaders have turned a blind eye for so long and NOW they want us to take this too? The sad thing is we will. Unless…we take a stand! Not against Mexicans or Arabs or Canadians, but stand up against the illegal activity that these immigrants are participating in. I AM NOT PREJUDICE OR RACIST!!!! I AM A CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES of AMERICAN, and with that comes the responsibility to speak against anything that might not be in the best interest of the United States.

  3. Robert said on Wednesday, May 3, 2006, 5:17

    I have to agree with Troy.. Let me say, in the beginning, I did not notice this subject to be on the move in this depth it is currently in. However, April 30th is when I began to read up on the many things regarding immigration in the first place. From past and previous examples of what is going on right now.

    I believe any citizen that has a positive or nuetral view for these rally activists either 1) Need a serious crash course in American history, 2) Need to be deported or 3) Withheld in custody of a U.S. law enforcement organization and/ or either be jailed until they can responsibly act as a true U.S. citizen that has the extreme potential in giving to the community or being put up in a 1/2 way house.

    So, I’ve been reading for 3 days straight… And find that what was held yesterday in the country was absolutely unnecessary. First and foremost, if I am to invade another country “illegally,” I am whats called an, “Illegal Alien.” Many people active in the “protest” —I’m not really sure if they understand that. But.. lets not all get bent out of shape.. We must consider this by looking back in recent history.
    From a gallup pole set up in 2003, nearly 85% of immigrants did not want to learn the English language.. If this pisses you off, read further.

    I am a Texan.. And Texas schools have become lazier every year. On top of this, the major stats involving drop outs is over 50% higher in 2005 than it was in 1997. Thats not even 10 years. I’m not racists.. but, lets clarify this before you get angry with me. There are over 285,000 hispanic teenagers enrolled in simply the Houston area alone. A little over 2/3rds of them are currently failing.. The main factor involves truency.. The other 1/3rd is split up into minor categories.. one of which involves drugs and juvenile punishments– the latter of the bunch due to special education and disability…which of course is beyond the scope of this reply. But let us also reconsider.. what are these fellas’ doing while being truent? Drugs? So possibly one of the minor groups really have stronger stats, however it can’t be proven because there are no documents stating confirmation. But the point is.. it still is configured in with Truency.. So– give or take. Approximately only 32,000 hispanic students are passing each quarter-semester. Maybe more, maybe less, but not that much. For the past 8 years, its been decreasing.. why would it stop now?

    So, whats the point in explaining history or laws to these people if they are not willing to learn in the first place? And, how may a child or adult go about learning laws or history of law making/ makers if comprehension of history cannot be made? Is it even possible to learn the history of America in Spanish? From the foundings of the Vikings to the latter Columbus, to the Pilgrims? Slavery, the Civil War? Are these people really that interested in learning about the sieze of slavery, who made it possible and how that alone helped bring equal opportunity into existence? Lets not mix this up with illegal aliens… I was reading a statement by 3 adult men and 2 women trying to merge immigration with African Americans and how they settled here illegally. Are they kidding me?

    That right there proves some extreme ignorance. And they wonder why U.S. citizens oppose of their beliefs. To help aid this “advertisement” of “immigration” has possessed me to write a LONG letter informing congress and many politicians, including state congressmen & women, govenors, U.S. Representatives, and even the President that Americans will not take this BULLSHIT anylonger.

    I am a veteran of the United States and I proudly state this with meaning. I will not let this country fall or be stollen by “immigrants” whom of which are too lazy to either work, or earn an education that can land them an easy going job, with a steady, reasonable income. And yes, lets not forget about paying taxes.. Those of my friends.. and aquaintenances.. and the many others I have heard about or have their names written upon monuments for their valor, their bravery/ gallentry, for risking and giving their lives for the many freedoms this country and its people live in today…When I mention of this, I speak of American citizens, not illegal immigrants. They were given for LEGAL immigrants and citizens, not Mexico or Latin America. Not South America. Not Phillipino or Arabian…I did not join the military to fight for my country to be taken advantage of or have the Mexican government to steal mine.

    With this being said, I also have not forgotten humanity. And I have taken the time to think critically about this. This is only right.. And though I add, its far more than I would consider doing personally, for the sake, all that has been taken for granted here in America– I cannot forget that people are people and deserve to be treated fairly.. But in order to be treated this way, you must give fairness to expect it in return. This has yet to be performed by the many “immigrants” I see chanting these barbaric phrases while.. also, may I add, waving the Mexican flag ABOVE the American while standing upon AMERICAN SOIL on NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!

    In order to properly send these fuckers back home, we will have to help them.. And provide humanitarian assistance. But then again, with all the shit they’ve had the nerve to advertise in our streets, I’m going to have to sadly admit that I see SOL coming from congress.. As “Hell No” simply concludes with the American people backlashing from a “Raise Taxes” debate to carry on such an operation.

    I’m not threatening anybody, but its an extreme possibility “illegal immigrants” and the American citizens might want to think about. If you are a supporter of amnesty, don’t hide the fact that you pissed us citizens off… May I remind you we are dead crazy for this land, and we will fight to death to keep it ours.

  4. Moronhunter said on Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 14:57

    It’s funny how the left-wing idiots who support these law-breakers FORGET the following:

    1. MEXICO has a VERY TOUGH immigration policy on illegal immigrants from south of THEIR border…so they want us to do what THEY WONT DO THEMSELVES.

    2. MEXICANS WHO SUPPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS say they have a “right” to work here….and that we have no right to demand they assimilate with OUR culture…but WHAT DID MANY MEXICANS DO TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY??? THEY RUINED IT!! Mexico is the cesspool of North America and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

    WHY NOT FIGHT FOR RIGHTS WHERE THEY COME FROM???? Fight to make MEXICO the beautiful country it CAN be….and HELP THEMSELVES by helping the vast majority of wonderful people that make up the majority of Mexico’s population!

    I love Mexican people in general…they are awesome…sweet, hard working, and generally honest. So…come here if you must…BUT DO IT LEGALLY and embrace OUR culture and language.

    I WOULD FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT CANADIANS…BUT CANADIANS DID NOT FCUK their country up as many Mexican have allowed theirs to be ruined…and THAT is why we have so much less of a problem from “America Jr.” (ie: Canada).


  5. John said on Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 15:20

    Moron hunter?my sentiments exactly.

  6. John said on Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 15:24

    The day without a Mexican was refreshing up here in Escondido,wonder were they all went?By the way,I have no problem with Mexican people,My problem is with Illeagel Immigration. Its thievery of the highest order.And with those so called relegious orders that think that its alright to STEAL from the American Tax Payer.Yes Im talking about you,The Catholic church.

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