Thirteenth Time Zone: novel by retired SDPD police sergeant

Friday, March 10, 2006, 13:55 —by Joe Crawford
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David Jebb sent us: The Thirteenth Time Zone

The Thirteenth Time Zone is a novel that tells the story of one man’s search for peace and enlightenment after serving as a rogue cop in San Diego’s worst gang-infested neighborhoods. Exhausted, conflicted and increasingly paranoid, Owen “Blue” Drew impulsively takes a leave of absence, signing up as a crewman on a private boat sailing the Pacific. His decision sends him on a pilgrimage around the world, transforming his heart and changing him forever.

I am the author of this blog, which tells of my trials and tribulations during the post marketing phase of a published novel. This is a story based upon the life of a San Diego Cop, written by a home grown San Diego Author.

Great stuff, and a great use of a blog — thanks and best of luck David!

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