The Bipeds are back! Or are they?

Saturday, April 23, 2005, 13:20 —by Eddie Phanichkul
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The effervescent air bubble of THE BiPeDs have resurfaced from the watery grave of broken-up bands and lost causes. Their website has been stagnant for years. Their sound is still awesome and rocking. The Bipeds are an amalgam of rock music gone psychotic and entering the land of Oz. Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration of their virulent sound. It’s a They Might Be Giants quality, but imagine, if you will, that quirky rock charm with a kick of Dead Milkmen core.

I did my research—that’s what everyone says about this band: They Might Be Giants meets Dead Milkmen. Raving reviews and a great personal bond they seem to have with their audience of all agers from all over the county just seem to fuel the fire for their popularity. But what did happened? They broke up somewhere in 2003 and last night’s show at the Epicenter kicked a lot of whale tail. Was it just a fluke they happened to get together for a one time reunion show? Maybe, but I doubt it. I think they’ve come back to reclaim the fans they abandoned. And even though Martin Tapia didn’t stay for the rest of the punk acts—something about going to see the MiniBosses at the Casbah (I thought they got sued by Nintendo?)—people still revered him. People, mostly girls, shouted they wanted to have Melissa Roth’s kids. And Jake Ferrin had his moment in the sun once again, rocking the show out with Skate or Die. Over all it was a sweet ride into the minds of some quirky, fun-loving kids who decided to come back and strut crazy monster, punk-wavey, awesomeness again.

Still-Life Preserved:

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