Bus Rapid Transit in San Diego

Monday, October 4, 2004, 11:18 —by oso
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New SD Trolley CarAs route66 has already posted, we all want traffic congestion relief in San Diego. In fact, it is perhaps one of the few things that all San Diegans can agree on.

But despite our common goal, it seems that there are two camps that differ on how it should be acheived. One camp is in favor of using public transportation to move people throughout the county while the other sees public transportation as unrealistic and prefers to devote money to freeway widenings and new highway projects.

Proposition A, also known as TransNet II is supposed to be a compromise between those two camps. It’s drawn a lot of fire in the local media from both sides saying the proposition just doesn’t do enough. But until today, I couldn’t find anything in the media about what projects the sales tax increase would actually fund.

The San Diegans for Congestion Relief website has a clear list of what projects the sales tax increase would finance and SANDAG‘s website has an interactive map that explains more about the proposed projects.

Other resources about Proposition A include:

What do you think about Proposition A? Do you think that more money should be spent on public transportation solutions or that San Diegans would never abandon their cars and our focus should be on freeway widenings and more highways?

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