Donna Frye contemplates late mayoral bid

Tuesday, September 28, 2004, 9:52 —by oso
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Donna FryeThe San Diego Union Tribune announced this morning that activist Councilmember Donna Frye is contemplating a run for the Mayor’s seat as a write in candidate.

Frye, a Democrat, would add a partisan dimension to the technically nonpartisan race with Mayor Dick Murphy and county Supervisor Ron Roberts.

While Frye would face an uphill battle as a write-in candidate, she has something Murphy doesn’t – a clean record on the pension. Frye is the only member of the City Council to vote against underfunding the pension in November 2002, a vote that has dogged Murphy and which he said yesterday, in hindsight, “wasn’t a very good decision.”

Of course, as a write-in candidate it would be difficult for Frye to pull of a victory, however her running would provide an alternative in a mayoral election between two Republican men that are largely seen to be running on nearly identical platforms.

Frye is expected to make a decision sometime today.

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10 Responses to “Donna Frye contemplates late mayoral bid”

  1. Brian David Smith said on Tuesday, September 28, 2004, 19:21

    September 28, 2004

    Council Person Donna Frye
    202 “C” Street, MS #10A
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Telephone: (619) 236-6616
    Fax: (619) 236-7329

    Dear Council Person Frye:

    If you decide to run as a write-in for mayor then good! We need to get the crooks out. CAN YOU RUN FOR PRESIDENT TOO!


    Brian David Smith, San Diego, California

  2. jennifer said on Tuesday, September 28, 2004, 21:48

    We had someone from the public comment on this in the City Council Meeting today. It seems that the citizens of San Diego are all for it. I think she’s really going to give them a run for their money. She’s got a superb reputation and as long as people are aware that she’s a choice for Mayor, then they’ll definitely vote.

  3. Beckie said on Wednesday, September 29, 2004, 10:07

    I’m a prophet, she’ll run AND she’ll win.

  4. Jim said on Thursday, September 30, 2004, 12:23

    Where can I sign up to help her campaign?

  5. Patrick said on Friday, October 1, 2004, 1:24

    Why didn’t she decide this back in December when everyone else had an equal opportunity to run in the primary? Why not have Peter Davis and Jim Bell run a write-in campaign? This smacks of a backroom deal being made to fund her campaign. Watch out for hundreds of thousands being spent by special interests for Donna Frye like they did when she first ran in 2001. Remember some of the city employee contracts are up next year.

  6. Alex said on Friday, October 1, 2004, 14:43

    So where do we go to volunteer and give money to Donna Frye’s campaign?

  7. Jackie said on Friday, October 1, 2004, 14:57

    Let’s roll and get Ms. Frye elected in a landslide !!! Let’s reform
    this city!!!

  8. Joe Crawford said on Friday, October 1, 2004, 15:41

    Alex, check out the website for information on how to volunteer and get involved. There are events scheduled this weekend about getting the signatures required for Ms. Frye to get on the Ballot. Definitely a lot of interest in her campaign. Whether she has a shot people may debate — but given the frustration people have with the current administration, her appearance in the campaign is definitely an interesting one.

  9. Kim Barsky said on Sunday, October 17, 2004, 10:23

    Let’s get Dick Murphy out of office, once and for all.

  10. Jeff said on Friday, October 22, 2004, 12:43

    In my opinion, write-ins are unlawful in runoff elections in the City of San Diego. Read my reasons here:

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