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Thursday, September 9, 2004, 0:01 —by Joe Crawford
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San Diego Blog is under continuous improvement. While we may not have the budget of the Union-Tribune, we still have some cool gee-whiz technology. One that we just implemented is “most commented” links on the side over there. We’re using Nick Momrik’s Most Commented plgin to get this functionality Via that, we can get a listing of the posts with the most comments. While this is not the best metric for quality, it is sort of interesting to see what garners discussion here. And so, in descending order, I offer you posts with 6 or more comments (comment spam is not included), and we actually have made good headway in battling the spammers. And spammers, DIE DIE DIE!

In other news, we are experimenting with “Related Posts” functionality — using the Wasabi Related Entries Plugin– which is highly imperfect, which is a pretty way to say sometimes it sucks. See that on individual blog posts — at the very bottom of pages. As it gets better we’ll talk about it more. :-) Oso got me to install this one. It’s a good idea.

Anyway, as the big dog on San Diego Blog, I ask you, what are your suggestions for San Diego Blog? Questions? Comments? Feel free to pipe up with your thoughts!

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