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Tuesday, September 7, 2004, 5:00 —by Joe Crawford
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I first became aware of MAS several years ago. MAS (it’s short for Michael Allen Smith) has been blogging for many years. He’s one of the first I added to the San Diego Bloggers site. If you like coffee, you might like his; and geeks in the audience may enjoy his webprogramming site: Digital Colony. He loves Elvis, fitness, and sure does keep busy. He’s opinionated, funny, and smart. This is the magic combination that makes him one of our favorite web logs. In addition to all that, he is also a contributing writer to San Diego Blog. We recently interviewed him by email:

SDB: Blog Birthday:

4/19/2000. Prior to “Chicken Soup For the Rectum“, I hand-coded updates in HTML. My first pre-blog web site dates back to December 1995. On 9/29/1997, The Tampa Tribune did a full page story featuring my site as one of the best in Tampa Bay.

SDB: Why do you blog?

I forgot. :-) Seriously, blogging allows me to give updates about myself without having to write letters or make phone calls. I’m writing my autobiography one day at a time.

SDB: What do you talk about?

Me, fitness, radio, politics, coffee, San Diego, TIVO and cool articles from Wired magazine.

SDB: What don’t you talk about? Why?

Non-web people, because I respect their privacy.

SDB: Worst or best experience regarding something you wrote in your blog?

The best experience was when an former co-worker read that I was laid off and needed a job. He got me an interview at his company and I was hired that week. This was in January 2002 at the bottom of the recession.

The worst experience was a sentence that I wrote to slam the navel-gazing Baby Boomers offended a former co-worker. Basically I alluded that we lost the Vietnam War because the soldiers were all stoned. At the time it seemed funny, but I had crossed the line. I removed the sentence and then watched the entire Vietnam 10,000 Day War series. Now I know that drug use in the military played a very minor role in that war’s outcome.

SDB: Favorite and worst thing about living in San Diego?

The best thing is we live in a top 20 (not top 10!!!) metro area with lots of high-tech job opportunities, great weather and best of all it’s not Los Angeles!

The worst thing is that it’s just a matter of time (5 – 7 years) before San Diego is as crowded as Orange County. I’m at least encouraged by all the freeway widening projects.

SDB: If you were president of the US:

I could write a book on this question, but for this interview’s sake I’ll keep it short. On the domestic front: flat taxes (like Hong Kong’s 15%), legalized sin in red light districts (like Amsterdam), an aggressive energy independence plan, massive cost-cutting (like McClintock’s plan for California) and tort reform (like Bush’s medical malpractice plan). On Foreign Policy, I would back the continuation of the Bush Doctrine, which means supporting moderate Islamic states like Turkey, Jordon, and Kuwait through the elimination of fanatic Islamist governments that support terrorists (Taliban) and mass-murdering dictators (Hussein).

SDB: What actor would play you in the movie of your life?

Macaulay Culkin or James Spader. Both would have to hit the weights first though. I don’t want a scrawny actor portraying me. :)

SDB: Favorite color:

They are all good.

SDB: Favorite food:

Shrimp burrito. Thankfully I live in Escondido. It’s like Old Town without the lines and parking problems.

SDB: When you were 10, what did you want to do when you grew up?

In the 6th grade, I would go to the public library and enter BASIC programs on an Apple 2. Now I’m a web/database developer. I wasn’t aware at 10 years old that one could make a living coding, but it all worked out.

SDB: What are your hobbies?

Coffee and fitness. I run a hobby web site devoted to sharing knowledge about coffee called And I recently started up, which is like a fitness version of the DrudgeReport with content.

SDB: What do you want to tell other bloggers?

Something that Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger, posted on 1/8/2002:

“I have less and less need to convince anyone of anything. This feels like evolution, rather than apathy.”

San Diego thanks MAS for answering our questions!

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