Mei Sheng turns 1

Friday, August 20, 2004, 9:19 —by Joe Crawford
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Mei Sheng, a Panda born in captivy at The San Diego Zoo last year has just turned 1 year old.

This post is blatant pandering to those people who just love those cute widdle pandas. San Diego Blog aims to please.

Here’s the Panda Cam. They apparently have a bunch of images and videos you can only get if you pay — via PayPal no less —  ZOO DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. Here’s the Panda FAQs which includes “Why are pandas colored in such distinctive black and white patterns?”

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One Response to “Mei Sheng turns 1”

  1. mikey said on Monday, August 23, 2004, 9:32

    i personally like the chinese legennd of how the panda got its colors:

    The legend begins with the panda as a totally white bear. One day a little girl happened to run across a white panda and a leopard fighting. Trying to save the defenseless panda she charged the leopard with a large bamboo shoot, striking him over and over again. The leopard was not hurt by the bamboo and turned on the little girl instead. This act of bravery saved the panda’s life but the little girl lost hers in the struggle.

    All the white pandas held a funeral in honor of the brave little girl and wore black armbands as a sign of mourning. The black dye of the armbands, moistened by many tears from the pandas, began to run. When the pandas wiped their eyes, the armband left black marks. When the pandas consoled each other by hugging, the dye left black spots on their backs. When they covered their ears to block out the sound of crying, the black dye colored their ears. [source]

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