San Diego Renaissance Faire

Wednesday, August 4, 2004, 12:15 —by Joe Crawford
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Wondering what to do this weekend? Maybe the San Diego Renaissance Faire is for you. If you’re concerned that you’re not current enough with 16th Century English norms, you can check their Language Guide:

Get used to using Thou, Thee, and Thine. Thou and thee were used when speaking to people you knew well; family, friends, and God. You was reserved for nobility. Thine is possessive, showing that “it” belongs to the person you are addressing. Ye was used in addressing a crowd, in smaller groups You and Your were used. Notice that Thy was used with a noun, that is, Thy Book, Thy Life, Thy cup. More examples: Thou art beautiful; I love thee; Where is thy man/woman? Thine efforts shall be rewarded. Ye is plural of thou. That is, Ye say ye are the children of Abraham.

Because everyone knew his class, Sir and Mistress were forms that could be used for just about any male or female. Madame is for a married woman of middle class. My Lord and My Lady are to be used to address nobility. Monarchs are to be addressed as Your Majesty or Your Grace. A peasant is Goodman or Goodwife. It is also proper to address someone by their trade, that is, Goodman Blacksmith or Master Tailor, or Goodwife Weaver, etc.

They also have a section on properly insulting fellow attendees. I’m hoping I can use “liftskirt” sometime soon. “Milksop” is also a tasty one:

“A Pox on thee”
“God’s teeth”
“Thou art a scurvy knave” (to a man you want to insult)
“Thou pox ridden doxy” (to a female you don’t like)
“Thou liftskirt” (to a female you don’t like)
“Thou misbegotten son of Beelzebub”
“Thou milksop” (Wimp)
“Thou Popinjay” (Clotheshorse)
“I give not a tinker’s damn” (I don’t care)
“God’s wounds”
“She’s no better than she should be!” (A woman of easy virtue)

Me, I’m wondering if they’ll be serving mead.

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3 Responses to “San Diego Renaissance Faire”

  1. David said on Wednesday, August 4, 2004, 15:28

    Your post reminds me of a book I picked up recently, The Cunning Linguist, by San Diego’s own Richard Lederer. Quite an entertaining read with a chapter on euphemisms that mentions a lot of these old “curse terms” and how they’ve evolved into some of the euphemisms we use today. A particular interesting one is arse, which we use these days as a euphemism for ass. But back in the day people started using ass as a euphemism for the offensive term arse.

  2. Mark Holmes said on Wednesday, August 4, 2004, 17:00

    The Center for Creative History? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I suppose that’s why we have the Renaissance in Balboa Park, but no doubt it will be fun and well done even if it has little to do with actual history. I’ll try and stop by with my camera.

  3. don diego renaissance faire said on Thursday, July 10, 2008, 7:10

    [...] that you??™re not current enough … ???Thou pox ridden doxy??? (to a female you don??™t like) … Guild of Santa Maria…. villainous don diego D’Alvarez, a Castilian knight and the Spanish [...]

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