Black’s Beach

Wednesday, July 21, 2004, 5:00 —by Joe Crawford
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Going to high school in San Diego, everyone hears about Black’s Beach. The nude beach.

This La Jolla Light piece talks about the peculiar legal, geographic, and social forces that have created this enclave-to-some called Black’s Beach:

The legal status of Black’s Beach as a clothing-optional area is murky at best. While the city of San Diego is very clear in its position – it doesn’t tolerate any nudity on city beaches – the portion of Black’s Beach that has traditionally been used for nude recreation falls within the state-controlled portion. This distinction is vital because the state is loathe to enforce its laws regarding nudity and may even have given a legal green light – albeit a somewhat convoluted one – to nude activity on some state beaches.

Apparently the lecherous jerks go there in the winter and on weekdays. But it’s great the rest of the time.

And there’s a website for those who like Black’s — it’s called Black’s Beach Bares, and work to preserve its special status:

Why do we do it?
Clothing optional recreation requires constant defense, because people often misunderstand and try to outlaw it. Black’s is not a perfect beach, but we try to make it better. We like our beach to be litter free. We like to be able to reach a clothing optional environment without excessive risk to our lives.

What don’t we do?
We don’t engage in public sex, nor do we encourage public sex. We don’t police the entire beach, but we do occasionally speak up when people get vulgar. We don’t sponsor many activities because people at Black’s already know what they want to do and don’t need us trying to organize fun.

Nude, not lewd!

Oh, and you can get a T-shirt. I love the irony of t-shirts for a nude beach.

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