Heartfelt editorial on the Soledad Cross

Saturday, July 17, 2004, 4:45 —by Joe Crawford
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In The La Jolla Light, Bob Canaan writes an editorial about the Mt. Soledad Cross that articulates how a lot of us feel about the controversial landmark.

As a San Diego native born and raised in Pacific Beach, this is not a religious object. It is a local landmark. Having left San Diego for many years and to return five years ago, few things in my hometown have remained the same over my life time: Highway 163 through Balboa Park, certain stretches of 101 and the cross on Mount Soledad.

I value these places deeply because, on a very personal level, they connect me to the city where I was born. They are all the more important because they are so few.

I am not a Christian, and if the cross on Mount Soledad had been a Star of David or even Mickey Mouse, it wouldn’t have mattered to me. All that would have mattered would have been that it was there, in the beginning, my beginning. And if that cross or star or mouse had still been there when I returned to my hometown, I would have been just as grateful.

I feel that way. It’s important as a place, not as a religious object. When people go to the Cross, they don’t tend to kneel down and pray. What they do is look at the magnificent views down to La Jolla, out to Miramar, south toward Mission Bay, Pacific Beach, and Point Loma. The lawsuits, when I read of them, I think to myself — “Why would they want to mess with this perfect place, unsullied by access restrictions or parking meters?” The Cross is a civic treasure — a piece of history in a town that too often forgets it has one.

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  1. Joelle said on Saturday, July 17, 2004, 13:01

    I feel the same. It’s part of what makes San Diego what it is. It’s just… there. I don’t care what the implications behind it are, but the memories of 17 year 9ld late-night makeout sessions on top of Mount Soledad wouldn’t be the same without it.

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