Son of Sam Diego?

Saturday, June 26, 2004, 5:54 —by Joe Crawford
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The blogosphere had some activity recently regarding, purported to be the “blog”/journal/personal website of one David Berkowitz, notorious Son of Sam killer.

The site is apparently hosted in San Diego:

This page is hosted by House upon the Rock Christian Church in San Diego, CA. We host this page because we truly believe that David is sincerely sorry for the pain he has caused in the past, and that he has truly repented and become a new person in Jesus Christ. We do not worship David Berkowitz or who/what he has become. We worship the God who changed a person like him, and can also change you.

So what is “House upon the Rock Christian Church” — and is there an actual church in San Diego one can attend? The domain is registered through domains by proxy, making it anonymous. Google searches for “House upon the Rock” san diego are like looking in a fun house mirror. I found lots of references to the — but no actual church, with an address or a pastor or anything concrete. On more searching, I found that the “Church” had a website since at least 1998, but it is now offline. It’s archived at All these pages appear to have no San Diego addresses, but they do contain email addresses. I have not made any effort to send email to any of the email addresses I found.

I thought I had hit paydirt when I found a church called simply “The Rock” located in San Diego at However, there are no references to Berkowitz there, and they indicate they’ve only existed since 2000.

There are some clues as to who runs the Berkowitz site though. Old versions of the church site say “This site is run by Neil Konitshek”. Other evidence of a San Diegan by that name can be found here, with said person taking a photo of Dirty Dan’s Topless Bar with “God bless the USA” on the marquee and lamenting the state of the world. Also, in 2000 he reviewed Biography of David Berkowitz on I find it interesting that “House upon the Rock Christian Church” is billed as a church, but as far as my (admittedly limited) investigation reveals, it appears to consist of just one person.

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2 Responses to “Son of Sam Diego?”

  1. Edward said on Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 11:29

    I just visited that nut Son of Sam’s web site! I think he really has changed. I mean, the guy sounds sincerely sorry and he is turning down parole. There must be a God!

  2. Valentia said on Tuesday, July 27, 2004, 17:37

    He’s *smiling* on the website photo. He SLAUGHTERED 18 year old girls. Why is he *smiling*?’
    Do most Born Again Christians have more compassion for the murderers than the murder victims?
    I guess they do…shit i’m not joining this religion..I want to join a religion that puts the victimsfirst

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